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Forest School

An Introduction

The Forest School was established in 1950 with the objectives of providing in-service training and courses for the staff of the Sarawak Forest Department in the field of basic forestry practices such as silviculture, surveying, mensuration, botany, wood science, timber technology, forestry law and administration. The School also conducts induction courses for staff who have just joined the Department as well as refresher courses for serving staff to keep abreast with new development in forestry. Picture


The relocation of the Forest School in 1976 to the 20-hectare site at Semenggoh has enabled the school to expand and upgrade its facilities to conduct more courses. The year 1993 saw the School conducting its first pre-service Forest Guard Certificate Course. In mid-1999, the School moved to its present site near the Agriculture Institute, Semenggoh.

Courses Conducted

  • Forest Guard Certificate Course
    Since its inception the Forest School's main task was to conduct in-service courses for Forest Guards. Prior to 1993 the Course was of 6 months' duration but later extended to one year. Forest guards completed their training in July, 1998.  Picture
  • Forest Ranger Course
    Course duration is 3 months and is for Forest Guards who may be promoted to Forest Rangers.
  • Induction Courses
    Induction courses are conducted when required for Senior Officers, Forest Officers, Forest Rangers, Forest Guards and other staff.
  • Promotion Courses
    Promotion courses are conducted for Forest Officers, Forest Rangers, Forest Guards and other staff who have been promoted.
  • Refresher Courses
    Refresher courses are also conducted for the various categories when required.
  • Surveying Course
    This specialised course is meant for staff who are involved in surveying and maintaining the boundaries of the forest reserves, protected forests, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
  • National Parks and Wildlife Management Course
    The first batch of 20 Forest Guards attended this short course in April 1998. Eventually all Forest Guards will attend this course.
  • Park, Recreation and Tourism Management Certificate Course
    This course which commenced in 1999, is conducted jointly by the School and
    Lincoln University, New Zealand with the support from the Ministry of Tourism Sarawak.

Rules and Regulations

All trainees are governed by a set of rules and regulations laid down by the School. Basically, these rules and regulations pertain to class attendance, apparel, use of facilities and discipline.


The Forest School is headed by the Chief Instructor who is assisted by five instructors and 23 supporting staff in managing the School and the training programmes. Due to teaching staff constraints, especially in specialized fields or subjects, the School relies on other staff from within the Department to assist in lecturing and conducting the practical and field work.


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