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18 Oct 2018 - Enforcement officers attend course on wildlife protection

October 18, 2018, Thursday
Engkamat (second right) receives a souvenir from Phillcaine who is accompanied by  Sarikei divisional forest officer, Rugayah Hamdan (right).

SARIKEI:  About 50 enforcement officers from various agencies are attending a two-day public awareness campaign interactive course organised by Sarawak Forest Department and Ministry of Water, Land and Natural Resources at a hotel which started yesterday.

The course is to raise the efficiency of personnel  involved in the enforcement of Act 686 of International Trade in Endangered Species (ITES) Act  and State Wild life Protection Ordinance, 1998.

State Forest Department deputy controller of Wildlife, Engkamat Lading who officiated at the opening ceremony believed that the course which is held annually provides a platform for the various enforcement agencies such as the Police, Customs Department, Fisheries Department and Local Councils  to exchange information and strengthen co-operation in protecting Sarawak’s wildlife.

He added that public  knowledge and awareness of  the illegal international trade in endangered species is equally important  in protecting the state’s flora and fauna.

Participants are also taught to identify various species of wildlife and wild plants which are listed under Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and  ITES Act 686.

Apart from officers from Forest Department, representatives from Fisheries Department and Customs Department were invited to share information and experience during the  course.

Engkamat started the series of talks with his Introduction to Act 686 (CITES).

Other speakers were Phillcaine Pilla who presented a talk entitled “Wildlife Licence and Permit under Wildlife Protection Ordinance 1998 and Act 686 (CITES); Aurelia Dulce Chung (Diversity of the tree flora and plants in Sarawak – Biodiversity and Endemism); Mohd Sabry Saidin of Fisheries Department (Coral) and a representative of customs Department who gave an insight on the modus operandi of protected species smugglers.

The course will culminate with a visit to Sibu Natural Park Sdn. Bhd. today.

The participants during a photo call with (seated fifth, sixth, seventh from right) Phillcaine, Engkamat, Sarikei divisional forest officer Rugayah Hamdan and other speakers.

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